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Food Administration, during World Battle I and the American Relief Administration 1919-21, later secretary Nationwide Analysis Council and trustee of Brookings Instn; Starr Murphy, who lists himself in Whos Who as “the personal counsel and consultant of John D. Rockefeller in his bevenolences”; Wickliffe Rose, director of public health, Rockefeller Basis 1913-23; president Peabody College 1892-02, agent Peabody Education Fund 1907-15, Rockefeller Sanitary Commission and Southern Instructional Board 1909-15, Worldwide Health Board 1913-28, president Normal Education Board 1913-28, Worldwide Education Board 1923-28, director Pink Cross and Atlantic Council; A. Barton Hepburn, Supt. There is also a small health suite with a sauna, Jacuzzi and keep match gear. There may be an award successful pub, finalist UK family pub of the yr 2005,with separate family play-restaurant with lots of indoorplay tools. Combination of training with industrial production. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries. In World War I, Brookings was Baruchs assistant on the War Industries Board, which had dictatorial powers over American industrialists, and Chairman of the price Fixing Committee of WIB. Some rooms are themed from around the globe with en-suite spa bathrooms for further luxurious. 1943-49, War Labor Board, 1942-45, OPA and War Dept. 1942; Warren M. Shapleigh, pres. He joined the State Dept. in 1940, serving until 1944. When Franklin D. Roosevelt requested him to hitch the State Dept. team of Alger Hiss, Henry Wallace and Sumner Welles to prepare the United Nations, Shotwell was already Chairman of the Fee to study the Organization of the Peace, which he had set up in 1939, earlier than the war started, simply as he had achieved in 1916 !

Life, Sears, Woolworth, Studebaker, Texas Co.; Julius Rosenwald, set up Rosenwald Foundation to carry on Peabody fund agitation in the South, “total involvement”; he additionally gave $700,000 to Rockefellers University of Chicago, was trustee Baron de Hirsch Fund, Zionist settlement program; Martin A. Ryerson, president board of trustees University of Chicago, trustee Carnegie Institution; Karl T. Compton, assigned to American Embassy Paris 1918, he was chmn U.S. Shipping Board. He served in this submit from 1917-1919, working carefully with Herbert Hoover and Prentiss Gray, later of J. Henry Schroder Co. Delanos sister was Mrs. Price Collier of Tuxedo Park, N.Y.; his son-in-legislation was James L. Houghtaling, who was special attache at the American Embassy in Petrograd during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 (he later wrote Diary of the Russian Revolution) Federal Emergency Administration 1933, Commissioner of Naturalization and Immigration 1937-90, War Finance, Dept of the Treasury 1944-46; chairman Fair Employment Board Civil Service Commission 1949-fifty two – his mother was a Peabody of Boston. He has been a director of American Ditchley Foundation since 1975, and is on the board of overseers of Harvard, chairman Presidential Process Drive on Education, Presidential Committee of White Home Fellowships, African American Institute, director Federal Reserve Financial institution of N.Y.– he was secretary U.S.

Secretary of the Trilateral commission. 1960 to current, president Morgan Stanley 1976, FOMC 1973-76, chairman of Carnegie Hall; Hedley Donovan, Rhodes Scholar, director of Ford Foundation, Trilateral Commission, senior advisor to President of the U.S. The 1971 listing of trustees of the Rockefeller Basis shows it continues to be the ruling hierarchy of the U.S. Morgan, General Electric, General Foods, New York Telephone, Secretary Army 1953-55, concerned in McCarthy Hearings; George D. Woods, chairman First Boston, Kaiser Steel, General Staff U.S. John B Debutts former chairman ATT; Roger W. Heyns, director Kaiser Steel, Levi Strauss, Times Mirror Corp., Norton Simon Museum, James Irvine Fndtn; Carla A. Hills, former Sec. 1958-69, dep. und. sec. Harvard; Ralph Bunche, educated at Harvard and London School of Economics, with British part OSS 1941-44, Dept. State 1944-47, Dumbarton Oaks 1944, UN at San Francisco with Alger Hiss 1945, UN London 1945, Und. Asst. Sec. Defense (she married Julius Rosenberg), was on Social Security Board 1936-43, charter member of recent Deal Administration, War Manpower Commission 1942-45, trustee of Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation, later married Paul Hoffman, head of ECA; Dean Rusk of the Rockefeller Foundation; David Sarnoff, founding father of RCA; Henry Kissinger; and Roswell Gilpatrick, und. Jessup had been assistant to Elihu Root at the Hague Courtroom; he was Herbert Lehmans Asst. Chicago economist; and Leo S. Rowe, who had been asst.

Beardsley Ruml, who foisted the plan on Congress, told a new Yorker reporter that the withholding tax plan originated at a luncheon of “intellectuals” at the luxurious Plaza Resort. Rockefeller, 1959-64, Ambassador to Uganda 1970-72; Lane Kirkland, president of CIO, additionally on board of Brookings, Rockefeller Foundation CFR; George Cabot Lodge, son of Henry Cabot Lodge; Barbara Warne Newell, president of Wellesley College, ambassador to UNESCO Paris 1979-81-her father was Colston Warne, founding father of the patron motion within the U.S., organized Consumers Union 1936 on clearly defined Marxist objectives (the elimination of personal brands replaced by “cooperative” brands, supported by radical journalists, commerce unionists and academicians); Consumers Union was organized by Warne, Arthur Kallet, Dewcy Palmer, Frank Palmer, an organizer with the IWW, James Gilman, Julius Hochman, Adelaide Schulkind. Telephone Agency throughout World War I; Dean Rusk, who served two presidents as Secretary of State; and J. George Harrar, who was Andrew D. White professor at Cornell. New York Times from 1953 to present; Thomas W. Braden, nationally syndicated columnist, whose wife Joan has been having an affair with Robert McNamara for three years (the World Order permits a certain diploma of intimacy) – a longtime Rockefeller associate who was given one of many properly-publicized Nelson Rockefeller “loans”, Braden is govt secretary Museum of Modern Art, served with the Kings Royal Rifles of Britian 1941-44; Kingman Brewster, Wall Street lawyer with Winthrop Putnam Simpson & Roberts, was president of Yale 1961-67, Ambassador to England 1977-81, chmn English Speaking Union, National Endowment for Humanities, Kaiser Foundation; Anthony J.A.

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